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Publication numberDE9201109 U1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE19929201109
Publication date19 Mar 1992
Filing date30 Jan 1992
Priority date1 Feb 1991
Publication number19929201109, 929201109, DE 9201109 U1, DE 9201109U1, DE-U1-9201109, DE19929201109, DE9201109 U1, DE9201109U1, DE929201109
ApplicantBarnes, Kevin, 8000 Muenchen, De
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DE 9201109 U1
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Referenced by
Citing PatentFiling datePublication dateApplicantTitle
DE10234297A1 *26 Jul 200219 Feb 2004Kaiser, JörgPiece of jewelry, e.g. earrings or arm bangles consists of two parts connected by peg with head, for invisible joint
DE19526614A1 *21 Jul 199523 Jan 1997Henry Alfred GoolsbeeCatch and link for bead strands
DE19538314B4 *14 Oct 199519 May 2005Henrich + Denzel GmbhSchmuckstück, insbesondere Arm- oder Halsreifen
DE19606180A1 *20 Feb 199621 Aug 1997Atelier Bunz GmbhRing-shaped piece of jewellery with closure
International ClassificationA44C5/20
Cooperative ClassificationA44C5/2061
European ClassificationA44C5/20L2